About Us

ShowPro of South Florida (ShowPro) is dedicated to providing top quality production services at competitive prices and developing lasting relationships with all of our clients across the country. We have installed equipment in venues from large-scale arenas to houses of worship to small conference rooms and have provided production services to clients ranging from the largest corporations and performance artists to the smallest schools. No matter the client, and whatever their production needs, ShowPro provides the utmost dedication and highest level of professionalism. Our goal is to make sure our clients can establish a world-class venue or create a captivating event while focusing on other details and leaving the production to us.

ShowPro was created from a 2017 merger between Show Productions of the Palm Beaches (established in 1992) and Griffin Theatrical Engineering (established in 2008). This allowed us to combine the experience and clients of two companies with more than 35 years of collective production professionalism. Our core team has an impressive combined experience of almost 90 years in all facets of the production field. When combined with our crew members and business partners, the expertise we can provide is unparalleled.

ShowPro is based in South Florida with our main offices in Coral Springs (just outside Fort Lauderdale). Our main client base is from Orlando to Miami to Key West. We also maintain a number of clients across the country and are able to serve any client of any type no matter their location.

Nicolas Stoner

President & Chief Executive Officer



Edmund "Grif" Griffin

Vice President & Chief Engineer



Adrien Solano

Vice President & Chief Financial Officer



David Imber

Executive Production Manager